Vitality Fitness Assessment

Our practice is situated in a Discovery-accredited Centre so you can get all your vitality points within 2 hours. We offer the in depth and accurate Vitality Fitness assessment using the Wattbike to measure cardiovascular fitness and VO2 Max. This test can earn you a maximum of 7500 Vitality points and includes:

  • Measurements such as Height, Weight,BMI, Waist circumference and Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular test : using the Wattbike.
  • Strength and Flexibility tests: 7 tests to give you an accurate and personalised understanding of your strength and flexibility and these tests help to identify injury risk.
  • Feedback where you will receive a program to get you fitter and stronger.

The cost of the assessment is R445 which is a Discovery tariff. If you have a Discovery Health Medical Scheme Plan with a Medical Savings Account and available funds, you can claim this amount from the Scheme.