Frequently Asked Questions

Does my medical aid cover sessions?
  • We offer medical aid rates, payment is made upfront and then claimed back by the member. Our billing is in line with the medical aid scheme.
Do you do group exercise sessions?
  • Yes, we have classes in the mornings, however, we offer semi-private sessions too.
What times are you open?
  • 06:30 am – 18:00 pm.
Can I start Biokinetics training without a doctors referral?
  • Yes, anyone can come to biokinetics classes.
What is the difference between physiotherapy and biokinetics?
  • Physiotherapists are trained to deal with the first phase of rehab i.e as the injury occurs, where Biokinetics will help with the final phase of rehab including exercise, stretching and strengthening.
When do you progress from a physiotherapist to a biokineticist?
  • Once the pain and swelling of an injury become less acute, and initial Range of motion is restored, biokinetics can commence.